Mike Hajdin

Director of Technology


Mike has been administering the computer technology at St. John Neumann parish since Sept. of 2005.  For eight years Mike did this on a volunteer basis.  However, with the construction of the Faith and Family Center and the additional installation and expansion of technology Mike became a staff member in January of 2013.  When Mike first performed this role there were five computers and one fileserver on our network.  Today there are 24 computers, six file servers and 148 devices on our network as our phones, security system, cameras and TVs now run on the network.

Mike has worked in the computer technology field for over 35 years and has held many positions from programmer, systems administrator, technology evaluation and implementation, infrastructure manager and vice president of IT operations for a Fortune 500 company.  Mike was married to his first wife Regina for 31 years before she succumbed to breast cancer in 2008.  He has two children, Christine age 28 and Michael age 24.

Mike married Jean MacHarg (a parishoner and former staff member) in September of 2013. Jean also has two children Megan and Ryan.  He currently does independent consulting along with his part time role at St. John Neumann although if you ask him he is supposed to be semi-retired.  He finds it fascinating how SJN has grown from a small rural parish to one of the larger ones in the diocese in just 10 short years.  I have met many good people at SJN during my tenure here and even with Fr. Dave’s late night calls on how to configure the latest gadget he purchased, find this a very rewarding job.



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