St. John Neumann Prayer Wall


Please pray that I can accept my daughter-in-law and son not wanting our broken family to be healed. Please also pray I can accept my grandchildren being alienated from me. I ask in Jesus ‘name that the stress of these past 4 years. I can release🙏


Suzy K. : Ovarian Cancer; radical hysterectomy on Thurs.


Matt: 3-4th stage colon cancer; grandpa died from it


Caroyn Y.: fell with brain bleed, seizures now, 70 years old


Carole: Got over Shingles but was bad and has MANY issues as a result. Physical.

Marge Gernert

Please pray for my daughter ‘s sister-in-law law 55 who was helping tear down an old shed which collapsed on her.. pelvis broken in 3 places,has an outside brace for 6 weeks, lots of rehab and will b in much pain for quite awhile.


Please pray for twins born prematurely to Christa and Michael. Rory and Marissa are progressing well in a NICU and Mom and Dad would appreciate prayers for their continued progress and long term health. Pray also for Christa and Michael as they balance Christa’s recovery, Michael’s employment, and time with their 3 yr old daughter as well as with Rory and Marissa.

Elizabeth Miceli

Please pray for my mom, Kathy, who has is having surgery to remove a brain tumor.


Please pray for Jim Zimmer who has been struggling with multiple health issues for about a month. He is hospitalized and seems to have given up on living. Pray that he is healed physically and emotionally.


Please pray for our business. We are struggling mightily right now. We need new clients right away. We have two children and one of them has special needs. Please pray that new clients call and come in right away. I fear for my husband’s physical and mental health if this continues much longer. Please pray for us!


Please pray for Roger. He was admitted to the hospital with an early diagnosis of a stroke. Please that he not only recovers fully but also opens himself to know God.


Please pray for Michelle who is struggling physically and emotionally. May she regain her trust in Jesus the divine healer to be confident in his love but also the love of her many friends.


Please pray for Theresa who is being treated for a heart condition, from which she is expected to fully recover. Pray that she recovers quickly and completely.


Please pray for Janet and for all caregivers who give all of themselves to their loved ones. May they find comfort, support, and direction from Jesus.


Please pray for JoAnn as she recovers from an infection related to an earlier surgery. Pray for a full recovery.


Please pray for Roberta as she draws closer to death. Pray for a peaceful death and the repose of her soul.


Pray for 17 yr old drew who was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor. He will have surgery on 9/27. This is a dangerous and delicate surgery. Please Lord give the surgeons skilled hands. Pray for mom Lori also.


I have been alienated from my grandchildren for almost 4 years. There has been denigrated and destruction of my reputation causing my grandchildren to dislike me..I am asking for prayers that I can accept the broken relationship with my son, his wife and the grandchildren.


Thank you all you kind and caring people, Please pray to God for my spiritual protection as lately I have had such strong spiritual attacks that have left me very drained and weak. Please pray that they can no longer deplete my energy and also for my rejuvenation of my destiny and health. Thanks be to God


Please pray for the repose of the soul of a dear friend, Patsy. She had battled cancer for the last 5 years and just passed away. Please also pray for her husband, children and grandchildren during this difficult time. Thank you.

Linda Powell

Please pray for Ken. He is 83 years old and is having surgery today to remove cancer.

Carrie Vitale

Please pray for my daughter’s friend, Allie. She is 11 years old and has a malignant tumor on her aorta.

Libby Muhoberac

I just got a call from Charlie Kramer’s daughter asking to please add Charlie to the St. John Neumann Prayer wall. She said that he is 91 years old and his health is declining.

John Fleck

I lift up a work associate Tom who is currently battling throat cancer. Presently
going through some radiation treatment. Treatments are difficult. Abba Father,
you are the Healer of Our Souls, extend your Healing hands around Tom and
Restore him to Your Will.

In His Name,


Please pray for Melissa. After suffering from severe headaches, an MRI has revealed she has blood clots throughout her neck and brain. She will begin taking blood thinners. Melissa is the mother of two young children and greatly appreciates your prayers.


Pray for Chuck who passed into the hands of God last Monday. Peace and love be with you.


Healing for a young man with depression and anxiety.


For Suzanne who had surgery today – pray for a successful surgery and a complete recovery.


For John Mascari who had the first of six chemotherapy sessions last week – pray for the chemotherapy to eradicate his cancer.


For Brenda as she perseveres through a very difficult time in her life – pray that she can experiences God’s guidance and comfort.


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Answered Prayers

Let us know when your prayers are answered!  Praises to God are also forms of prayer – we are called to offer praise to Him in thanksgiving for the goodness He places in our lives.  Post your praise reports as a new entry and share your good news with others.



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