St. John Neumann Prayer Wall

Pat Swisher

Thank you for praying for Tim Maxwell. He was missing and they have found his body this afternoon in the river. God did answer our prayers because Tim’s body was found and the family will have closure. Thank you again for praying.


Please pray for Lori Mills who had surgery Monday 5/21. Pray for a successful surgery and complete recovery.

***Surgery went well Her blood pressure improved almost instantly following the procedure.

Pat Swisher

Please pray for Tim Maxwell, he has been missing for 48 hours plus. He is married, and the Uncle of Nicki Maxwell. Thank you

Patricia Metzler

Please pray for sweet baby Jade (who never cries) because now her loving daddy is gone. Her daddy committed suicide on March 29, 2018. Sweet Baby Jade will soon be a year old and her mommy just found out she is 14 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I went to check on them, her mommy was having a meltdown saying “if police had not removed the gun from this house, I would have joined him by now”


Please pray for Joe Sellan who will be having surgery on his back tomorrow. Pray for a successful surgery and complete recovery.


Please pray for Cheryl who has recently learned that she will not likely live beyond 6 months. Pray that she sees this time as an opportunity to strengthen relationships, especially her relationship with Jesus.


Please pray for Debe Verdeyen who will be undergoing testing this week to assess a heart murmur. She asks for prayers that murmur not require surgery and if treatment is necessary, that it be through medication.


Please pray for Gabe Eberhard. The infection for which he was treated is not improving so he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow at Children’s Hospital. Pray that infection is successfully mitigated and his recovery quickens.


Thanks Jesus for my family with myself Ben, Cynthia, Nathan, Rishon and Justin. I pray my home is blessed with harmony and peace. Thank you lord for my work and Cynthias work. Thankyou lord for all you provide and all the love in my home. Lord i pray you let the children Nathan Rishon and Justin feel so loved by myself Ben and Cynthia Praise the Lord Amen


My 4 year old’s best friend at preschool lost his father to cancer in December and now the little boy has a brain tumor. Please pray for his health and recovery and his mother’s strength to endure these challenges.


I have been through cancer treatment which has left me with some side effects, these are shortness of breath, tiredness, pains in the joints, poor memory. also I have torn the cartilage in my left knee and I have severe facial spasms. can you send me as much healing as possible please. thanks


Please offer up your prayers for a friend who has taken the first step in addressing and treating a debilitating addiction. Pray that he believes he is loved in God’s eyes and that knowing strengthens him to face and conquer his addiction. In Jesus’s name – Amen

nn j

please intervene God. I’m hurt inside, please pray for Damianus and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, i depend on you and still hope, please God soften and touch his heart for me, He means a lot to me. I can’t touch his heart, only God can change people’s hearts. i know that prayer is a powerful thing, please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me.


Please pray for my father Edward Gariano,who has been diagnosed with cancer.


I am dealing with the divorce from my abusive ex-husband. I am dealing with PTSD, grief of a family member, depression and chronic pain. Please help me to remember to offer up my suffering for others and learn to heal in God’s grace and mercy. Thanks for the prayers, in advance!

Susan T Dora

I am praying for a young man in my life who is struggling with addiction, homelessness and lack of treatment. Pray for inpatient care without insurance coverage. I don’t know how to help and I fear for the worst. Please pray for my friend.


Please pray for some kind of financial miracle, I need help.. I am stuck and all things that can possibly help me move on – cost… Need prayers.


I am so stressed out regarding my two issues, need help please. My son needs to start work do extremely well, he finds right girl in his life, he is 34 years. The second issue is for my business sell very quickly, meanwhile do well so it will look attractive to the buyer, I cannot take this pressure, I am 68 years old, I have been praying for these issues for the past 8 1/2 years and nothing seems to be working. I am suffering physically, mentally and emotionally regarding these issues, please help, I am begging. Thank you


Please pray for Michelle Faiella who is having back surgery on Thursday. Pray that this surgery solves the back trouble she has suffered with for a very long time.


Please pray for Brian who is a buyer for Toys R Us and has lost his job. Pray that he finds another job quickly and that it be closer to his family.


There are plenty of opportunities to pray at St. John Neumann. Select a prayer ministry from the list below to learn more. Prayer Chain and Email Prayer Chain, Healing Prayer Ministry, Divine Mercy Cenacles, Adoration, Prayer Shawl, Job Ministry (prayer for those looking for work), Military, Elizabeth Ministry (praying for those in child bearing years) We ask you to consider praying for the intentions of those who have requested prayers below.  If you are in need of prayers, please post your request to the prayer wall.

Answered Prayers

Let us know when your prayers are answered!  Praises to God are also forms of prayer – we are called to offer praise to Him in thanksgiving for the goodness He places in our lives.  Post your praise reports as a new entry and share your good news with others.



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