St. John Neumann Prayer Wall


Please pray for Sister Julie, who is struggling with her health. Pray that that spark of life and energy is re-ignited.

Bonnie Susey

Please pray for one of our parishioners, Jim Devine. He has had severe Heart problems since January and is facing more procedures. He is one of our Lectors has not been able to make it to Church for awhile and misses it greatly.


Please pray for baby Oliver, who is is 4 months old and has spinal meningitis. Pray for complete healing and for his parents and family as they face this challenge.


Please pray in the name of Jesus, that my full time employment would be blessed and that a new door would be open. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen. Greg – OH


Please pray for Jerry, who is approaching death due to a severe stroke. Pray for the repose of his soul as well as for his family who are struggling with his pending loss and the suddenness of the stroke.


Meredith needs healing. She had a stroke a few weeks ago.


Please pray for Emory who is being treated again for cancer and who recently lost his daughter. Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual strength as he goes through treatment and mourns his daughter.


Please pray for Carole. She has stopped taking her medication and as a result, her health is so seriously affected that she is now hospitalized. Please pray that she is effectively treated and counseled such that, through a quick and complete recovery, she can return to her family.


for my sister Anna seriously ill with anorexia


Please pray that Laura will find a job soon.


Please pray for Nicky Liebner, who will be having surgery to correct a 3 year problem with her pelvis. Pray for a successful surgery and full recovery.

Patricia Swisher

Thank you for praying for Jona Her surgery was successful. God bless to everyone that prayed.

Patricia Swisher

Please pray for full recovery for Jona Baer surgery on Dec. 28th on brain anyersim. Jona and her sisters has served our church events at PJ’s for years. Thank you


Please pray for Rosie as she goes through multiple tests to determine if she has thyroid cancer. This process began almost 2 months ago. Pray not only for favorable test results but also for continuing perseverance and comfort from Jesus Christ.


Please pray for financial breakthrough, our family has a lot of problems, all stuck behind money. Christmas is coming as well… having hard time paying bills, everything falling apart. Please pray for help to reach us. Thanks.


Please pray for Bill who is being admitted to St. Ann’s with fluid in his lungs.

Tracey Marcum Manz

Please pray for my uncle Lee Hammond. He was involved in a very serious car accident and has life-threatening injuries.

Renee & David Brehm

Asking for prayers for Jeannie Hatfield, Mother of Tommy Hatfield, Sunbury, Ohio. Jeannie was in a bad car accident today and is in critical but stable condition. She has many broken bones so please pray for a speedy recovery.

Kayla Baire

My stepfather Rick Martell passed away peacefully in the care of hospice on Tuesday 12/11/18. Please lift my family and my mother, Lois Martell up in prayers during this difficult time.

David Zitko

Please pray for my mom, Jean Zitko. She has been very sick with stage four lung cancer and Afib. I want her to be pain free. Please pray for my dad, too. He has dementia.


Please pray for Denise Iacobucci who is having surgery for gall bladder removal on 12/7 – that the procedure goes well and recovery is swift.


Please pray for Dolores Wandtke. Dolores will be having some MRI’s and Cat Scans done today. She has been having horrible back pain and the doctor’s want to see what is causing it.


Please pray for Paula Taylor. Paula has a serious infection and her kidneys are shutting down.


Please pray for the grandson of Mike & Marti Baugus who was hit by a car and is not expected to live. The grandson will be an organ donor. Pray not only for a miracle but should he die, pray for the recipients of his organs.


For Jean and Bill – Bill was recently placed into a facility that cares for those with dementia and for his wife Jean who is learning how to live without her husband.


For Diana who will have her hip replaced on November 28th. Also for Tim who will have open heart surgery to repair to valves on Wednesday. Tim has had 5 other open heart surgeries. Please pray for successful surgeries and complete recoveries.


Please pray for Jaime, father of three who fell out of deer blind and may not walk again. Pray for complete healing.

shereese clark

i need god to bless me with gifts cards for the holidays for my family i need food gifts cards and clothing gifts cards


Please pray for Mark Bloom. Mark has been admitted to a hospital in Pennsylvania with pneumonia. Please pray for a quick recovery.


Please pray for Chuck who is having his hip replaced. He has been in great pain for a number of months. Pray the surgery is successful and his recovery is complete.


There are plenty of opportunities to pray at St. John Neumann. Select a prayer ministry from the list below to learn more. Prayer Chain and Email Prayer Chain, Healing Prayer Ministry, Divine Mercy Cenacles, Adoration, Prayer Shawl, Job Ministry (prayer for those looking for work), Military, Elizabeth Ministry (praying for those in child bearing years) We ask you to consider praying for the intentions of those who have requested prayers below.  If you are in need of prayers, please post your request to the prayer wall.

Answered Prayers

Let us know when your prayers are answered!  Praises to God are also forms of prayer – we are called to offer praise to Him in thanksgiving for the goodness He places in our lives.  Post your praise reports as a new entry and share your good news with others.



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