Protecting God’s Children

 All volunteers (Children’s parties, PSR and anything involving the youth of the church) must attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop.

To learn more about, or to register online for a Protecting God’s Children Program go to

Most organizations that work with children have some sort of child safety program. Through the PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN program, we maximize those efforts by helping churches and religious organizations refine their roles as child safe environments and empowering them with new tools to help them, and adults and parents, protect children.

How Does It Work?

Maximizing a church’s role as a child-safe environment begins with making adults more aware of the ways children and adults interact with each other. The PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN program educates and trains adults (clergy, religious, teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents) about the dangers of abuse, the warning signs of abuse, the ways to prevent abuse, the methods of properly reporting suspicions of abuse, and responding to allegations of abuse.

Volunteers are also required to undergo background checks.  Please click here for information regarding the requirement and how to obtain a background check.

Protecting God’s Children Class- June 29 – 6:30 PM – Register Now

Attention Volunteers working with children at VBS, PSR, Chosen, children’s parties!  You are required to participate in a Protecting God’s Children class if you have not previously attended a class.  St. John Neumann will host a class on Thursday, June 29 at 6:30 pm in the Faith & Family Center.  Preregistration is required at  Celtic Security will also be at SJN on 6/29 at 5:15 to take care of background checks for those who have not yet had one.  The fees are $40 for BCI only, $65 for BCI and FBI.