All are welcome to attend St. John Neumann’s Relationships Workshop on November 5, from 1 – 5 pm.

The workshop will provide you with a blueprint for navigating and thriving in your relationships at every stage of life.  We all have emotions; they are what happens to us.  Virtue is what you do with those emotions.  Learn practical ways to practice emotional virtue and watch your freedom grow!

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Sessions Include:

Keynote Speaker Sarah Swafford, Emotional Virtue for a Drama Free Life:  Men and women today are faced with a constant assault of their emotions.  Whether from the media or the environment around them, relationships are especially under attack.  Sarah targets this battle within by setting forth a vision for virtue in the twenty-first century.

Breakout sessions will feature talks by Sarah Swafford, Arleen Spenceley, Aaron Richards, and Todd Warren.

Sarah Swafford, Looking from the Outside In: It can be tough to watch your loved ones go through this challenging time.  Is there a game plan for these years?  How can someone help and not just stand by? Being that person your loved one turns to-and does not run from- starts now.

Comparison, Competition and Perfectionism and how to Elevate Social Media:  In a world of intense pressure for perfection, competition and comparing-often ending in despair, Sarah uses the concept of Emotional Virtue to devise a gameplan to conquer that inner voice telling you that “you are not enough”.  This talk will also address the topic of bullying.

Arleen Spenceley, Boundaries & Dating for Girls: This presentation is only for the girls! And, Chastity:  When Arleen Spenceley outed herself as a virgin in a chastity essay she wrote for Florida’s largest newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times, the secular public spoke: “Practicing chastity is crazy,” readers said in emails and voicemails. She learned that while chastity is a virtue that enables a person to love authentically, we are called to practice it in a culture that that calls it absurd. As a result, chastity — which requires sexual abstinence outside marriage (and chaste sex after the wedding) — requires us to live counter-culturally. In this talk, Arleen will share her story, and in the process, equip your audience to practice chastity in a culture that isn’t conducive to it.

Aaron Richards,  Boundaries & Dating for Guys:  This presentation is only for the guys!

Todd Warren  Looking at Forgiveness Using the Concept of Emotional Virtue and Applying Emotional Virtue to living in a Blended Family

We will also have opportunities for healing prayer with Aaron Richards, and for confession.  Our day will conclude with the 5 pm Mass.

There will also be an additional talk given by Sarah Swafford at 7:00pm entitled Drama-Free Relationships.    All are invited to attend.

The speakers will have book tables with items available for purchase.