9633 East State Route 37 | Sunbury, Ohio 43074 | Phone: 740.965.1358

High School Youth Ministry

Confirmation and High School Youth Minister: Tina Burtch

Phone Number: 740 965-1358 x102
E-Mail Address: tburtch.saintjohn@gmail.com

Associate Youth Minister: Kate Kriegel

Phone Number: 740 965-1358 x134
E-Mail Address: kekriegel@gmail.com

This year's theme is: Come Holy Spirit.  

A typical night looks like this: 5 PM Mass followed by dinner in the FFC. Small groups 7-8:30PM (YDisciple or Chosen Confirmation)

 If you would like to contribute to our hospitality ministry your generosity is welcome. See Pay Pal below or you can send a check to St. John Neumann. Attn: Tina-food

-Kick off with Bobby Angel and Joe Melendrez:  https://animoto.com/play/eLmXfcg162XzfJsDd0DvTg

-CORE and SALT retreat:  https://animoto.com/play/2z8vh7aZlkS0dD6BvtbT6Q

-Martyr Mayhem:  https://animoto.com/play/Lb3nhD5aAtcnVRg75GarIg

-Confirmation retreat:  https://animoto.com/play/hikxfHP85OJICosUqZ1DlQ

-Giving Tree delivery: December 10

-Winter Retreat:  https://animoto.com/play/pycbF1YhXxaC1XOiW8pdAA

Evangelization is also a big part of our ministry; reaching out to all of our teens (8-12th grade) in the parish is our goal. If your teen hasn't joined yet, contact Tina to find out how to get them started. We have something for everyone.

TIP: Encourage your teen to get homework done BEFORE Sunday night & to ask off work.


Called To Holiness: Leading a Life of Excellence

January 8- Parent night Speaker Joel Stepanek

Annual High School retreat: February 24-26, 2017

Save the date: April 30th-Chris Spielman


All year we try to incorporate service opportunities into our schedule. This past summer we, once again, combined our Blessed Week Ever efforts with Resurrection and served in Central Ohio. Some of our favorite places to serve are: Soup Kitchens, Homeless Families Foundation, Nursing Homes, Run the Race, Vineyard Urban Ministries and various other venues. Our teens love to serve. See videos below.


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