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High School Youth Ministry

Confirmation and High School Youth Minister: Tina Burtch

Phone Number: 740 965-1358 x102
E-Mail Address: tburtch.saintjohn@gmail.com

 Sundays-YDisciple and Big Events 

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Every week  from 6-8:30 PM come to our super awesome time of fellowhip including: hang out time, skits, music, food, and prayer led by our CORE and SALT teams. Our ministry is built to fill up our teens with Christ to overflowing to bless others. This year's theme is OVERFLOW with Heroic Virtue and we will focus on the universal call to holiness in each of our lives.  (Mass, Adoration, Personal prayer, fellowship, Scripture study)

We have a parish Mass at 5PM every Sunday before our night begins. Mass is followed by dinner together, (which includes our Confirmandi) prepared by our incredible parents in our hospitality ministry. If you would like to contribute to our hospitality ministry your generosity is welcome. See Pay Pal below or you can send a check to St. John Neumann. Attn: Tina-food

We gather for YDisciple Scripture Study with our small discipleship groups.These small groups are life changing. Members of each group are committed to attending and very close. Our teens love the face to face contact in our age of technology. Here's what some of our teens are saying about YDisciple:

“It helps to deepen my faith and understanding of Church teachings.” –Zach

“YDisciple is my favorite thing to come to…YDisciple is more close-knit and personal. It’s sitting down together and discussing the issues at a heart level.” –Morgan

“YDisciple…I love the small group atmosphere and how open it is. I loved being able to connect with my group and learn about such relatable topics. YDisciple’s kinda my favorite.”  -Megan

“YDisciple is small, focused and builds brotherhood.” –Adam

“It was so great this year having a small group that I could talk to about any of my struggles and discuss my thoughts and views with.”  -Maria

“I like to deepen my knowledge in Scripture.”  -Anna 

“There is such a strong sense of community and I always feel so welcome. I know how important it is to have faithful friends to fall back on in times of trial. I love YDisciple!” –Rachel

And our leaders have this to say:

“YDisciple continually encourages the youth to think about Who is with them on their faith journey. “ Nancy

“YDisciple is great because it allows you to open the Bible, seek out truths and hear real world examples of how to live in this world according to Christ’s teaching.”  Renee

“…it relates the readings to the teens’s lives which allows them to dive deeper into the Scripture and understand why we do what we do as Catholic Christians.”  -Ryan   (young adult leader)

Large group ministry and BIG events...

-Kick off coming up August 23rd, check out our video from Aug 2014 here: https://animoto.com/play/ZfX5M9QDKPtMAjRzJbwNKQ

-CORE and SALT 2014 retreat videos here: https://animoto.com/play/jPj73N9M45MaPQtUCHKLpg

-Martyr Mayhem: October 25th See 2014 video here: https://animoto.com/play/4aKXtHGnEg3Sc101F5JggQ

-Confirmation retreat: August 29-30 See 2014 retreat here: https://animoto.com/play/OxHtSnXGCKpxg3qd2DYOSQ

-Giving Tree delivery December 12 to Holy Rosary St. John  See 2014 vidoe here: https://animoto.com/play/EOltMJHDnbS1kw8cIVHJ9A

-Winter Retreat February 19-21 at Heartland Retreat Center  See this past year's retreat here: https://animoto.com/play/h2p0VJWst7YEWfHgmwH0BA

-Senior Send-off May 1

Evangelization is also a big part of our ministry; reaching out to all of our teens (8-12th grade) in the parish is our goal. If your teen hasn't joined yet, contact Tina to find out how to get them started. We have something for everyone.

TIP: Encourage your teen to get homework done BEFORE Sunday night & to ask off work.


Called To Holiness: Leading a Life of Excellence

Sister Miriam Heidland, SOLT, graduated from the University of Nevada on a volleyball scholarship and, in a moment of radical conversion, heard Jesus call her to be his bride. She speaks often to young adults on the theology of the body, healing in Jesus, pop culture and beauty, and the transforming power of authentic love. She spoke at SJN on January 10th to present her story of conversion and the mercy of God’s love.  If you missed it, listen online!




All year we try to incorporate service opportunities into our schedule. This past summer we, once again, combined our Blessed Week Ever efforts with Resurrection and served in Central Ohio. Some of our favorite places to serve are: Soup Kitchens, Homeless Families Foundation, Nursing Homes, Run the Race, Vineyard Urban Ministries and various other venues. Our teens love to serve. Click on this link to see a video from Blest Week Ever 2014: https://animoto.com/play/QPkai5dSoO4eX0iCoz91VQ

One of their favorite events is the long standing tradition our parish has with the Giving Tree serving our brothers and sisters at Holy Rosary St. John. Check out one of our favorite videos from 2013: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2sgtj5ohcqlo6wo/giving%20tree13.mov

If you would like to serve and be part of our team we welcome your help. Contact Tina for details about hospitality (food), big event logistics, driving. chaperones, CORE support etc. Financial contributions welcomed to help defray the cost of meals after the 5 PM Mass each Sunday.

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