Contact: Shelby Fleck

Phone Number: 740-971-5517


EMBARK’s unique approach includes working with offenders prior to their release and providing support after their return to the community. Candidates are carefully assessed for their readiness to participate in EMBARK.

EMBARK accepts offenders that will be eligible for release or have a parole board hearing within 12-15 months of entry in the program. EMBARK trains volunteers from the community to deliver programs and services.

The program launched at Marion Correctional Institution (MCI) and the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) in June, 2011. In preparation for release, participants are required to complete a comprehensive series of courses designed to provide them with the foundation and framework to sustain independence.

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. EMBARK Navigator – Serve with a large team of men or women to engage in activities inside Marion Correctional Institution or the Ohio Reformatory for Women. Navigators visit prisons monthly to get to know EMBARK participants and later can be paired in a mentoring relationship after release.
  2. Program Facilitator – Participate in a facilitation team with other volunteers to deliver a reentry program or Celebrate Recovery inside prison. Programs are offered twice each month.
  3. EMBARK Reunion Dinner Angels – A team of people from a church provides a dinner at one of six EMBARK Reunions in the community during the year.