Reentry Ministry

The Columbus Diocese Office for Social Concerns, Vincentian Ohio Action Network, St. John Neumann’s St. Vincent de Paul and Delaware Community of Grace are working together to form Reentry programs supporting our local Restored Citizens to transition home. Recidivism rates (the rate at which a former inmates return to prison within three years of being released) have been falling because of the reentry programs around the country. We have been working with local law enforcement, justices, training centers, mental health agencies and prison ministries to gather the resources to form an outreach of hope and guidance.

What exactly is Reentry? The Federal Government defines Reentry programs as “designed to assist incarcerated individuals with a successful transition to their community after they are released. Specifically, the Strategy calls for supporting post-incarceration reentry efforts by assisting in job placement, facilitating access to drug-free housing, and providing other supportive services.”

Individuals can help by volunteering within the ministry. There are opportunities to be part of an organized mentorship program, spreading awareness, or supporting various logistical and material needs.   Please read a volunteer’s testimonial here.

Click here to watch a video told from the point of view of those who are transitioning from prison back to the community.  You will find more information about the ARCH program on the Society of St. Vincent Diocesan Council’s website.

For Reentry Assistance, call the St. Vincent de Paul Confidential Helpline: 740-833-6693

For Emergency Services call: 2-1-1 (Delaware and Morrow County Helpline)

To volunteer contact: Chris Shamro 614-403-6723 or email

SJN Business Alliance

Do you have a business that is interested in hiring Restored Citizens? Would you prefer to provide a hand-up instead of a hand-out? Then we need you! The SJN Business Alliance would like to work with your business to find dedicated and loyal employees to support our Reentry Mission. Please come see the community we are building one hope at a time. For more information on this Ministry Contact: Chris Shamro ( or 614-403-6723)