St. John Neumann Prayer Wall


For my daughter to find employment as a Catholic school teacher.


Asking for prayers for healing. I have been dealing with shortness of breath for 9 months. I’ve had many many tests. The tests show heart, lungs , Pulminary function fine. No doctor knows the answer. In the meantime often I can’t walk more than 25 steps.


Please pray for my wonderful brother. He is dealing with a legal issue. Prayers the issue will be settled quickly and in my brother’s favor. The issue has taken quite a toll on he and his wife.

Barbara Kenney

Please pray for my daughter Kaylie who is having a C-section at ten am. The baby has a large hole in his heart. He has Double Ventricle Right Spectrum.


Hello! Please pray for 23-year-old John here in Delaware, who is slipping into darkness and despair, hate and anger that he will be converted back to his Faith, agree to get treatment and, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, be expelled of any demons or evil trying to gain control. We pray John will be bathed in God’s love, light and Divine Mercy! Healing. Thank you!!


Praying against all anxieties
Praying for an international Humanitarian job for the greater glory of God
3.Divine intervention in my Capital projects


Please pray for me i am going through a very difficult legal battle. God help me fight this  battle.

Marge Gernert

Please pray for Terry Randells a life long friend of my brother. Terry was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Pray they will find the right treatment for Terry.


Please pray for our two families who have been connected through tragedy. May Our Lady continue to bestow mercy and compassion to our families as only a mother can understand. Amen


Please prayer for Kyle, Jamie and their unborn baby girl. Jamie is having some pregnancy complications and the doctors and parents have difficult decisions to make.


Update on our hockey mom Pam. She has stage 4 brain cancer. She begins treatment next week. She has young children. Please pray for successful treatment for Pam.


Please continue to pray for Charlotte Cox, who is a resident at The Grand of Dublin facility and mother of Charlotte Niceswanger, as well as the healthcare workers there, which is dealing with multiple cases of COVID 19.
Pray for perseverance and recovery of residents who have the virus.


Please pray for my mother, Linda, who was diagnosed with Acute Myoloid Lukemia on Friday, April 10th and is currently undergoing chemotherapy while in the ICU on a ventilator. And, for her entire care team at the James to be guided by God’s loving and healing hands in their best attempts to save her life.


Prayers of thanksgiving for DeeDee, a diabetic, who was hospitalized for an unknown illness last Friday and after several days was accurately diagnosed as needing a stint(s). She has made a remarkable recovery!


Please pray for Craig Hoyer’s mother, Ann, who is in an assisted living facility where Covid19 has been diagnosed in her wing. The family asks for prayers for Ann and all residents and staff.


I am worried about my son my son is facing difficulties in his college studies ; Lord Jesus Kindly please give my son Cognitive skills, intellectual skills , life skills and speech skills so that he can complete his college studies with ease. Lord Jesus Kindly remove my son’s stress and anxiety
Lord Jesus Kindly help my son to be happy


Pray for one of our hockey moms who is having surgery for 2 brain tumors at the James on Friday.. they do not yet know if it is cancer.

Lisa Hoyer

Prayers for my mother in law, Ann, who is in an assisted living facility. Covid19 has been diagnosed and in her wing, Asking for prayers for her and all residents and staff.


That many more people consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and that all who are consecrated to Mother Mary be eternally saved, and become Jesus’ perpetual and unfailing light, so that Satan be rebuked from the face of the earth.

Patty Roark Frazier

Please pray for my mom Margaret Bratton.
She is 94 years old and was taken by squad today to Riverside Hospital. They won’t let me be with her due to Covid 19. This is so hard. Please pray for her that Our Lords will be done. Pray that I can handle what that means for me and my siblings. Thank you!

Shereese Clark

I need my unemployment benefits money to come through

Jane Saunders

For my sister Sandy – she is having hear surgery today


I’m asking for prayers for a family friend, Uriel, who lives at home in New Orleans. He has been diagnosed with that nasty virus and is being taken to the hospital as I’m typing this request. Let us pray for him to be able to get through this terrible thing! God be with him!


Daniel Pitts and family. He is a first responder that has tested positive for COVID19.


Please do help my wife veena in prayer as she has cancer last stage and water has spread into her whole body. She is having severe health issues now. Thanks


Please pray for Harrison Rogers who is being called up to go to New York City to help with the pandemic that he will be kept safe.


Pray for all of Saint John Neumann parishioners


Fran..pray for good results from tongue biopsy

Marge Gernert

Please pray for Cheryl mid fifties friend of the family who has been in the hospital with headaches and has had disappointing news from oncologist. Starting treatment. Pray they will b successful.


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Answered Prayers

Let us know when your prayers are answered!  Praises to God are also forms of prayer – we are called to offer praise to Him in thanksgiving for the goodness He places in our lives.  Post your praise reports as a new entry and share your good news with others.



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