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Please pray for all middle schoolers and high schoolers who are so influenced by the outside world and not influenced enough by their own families and the church. So many bad influences are robbing our children of childhood and making them deal with complicated issues they shouldn’t be influenced about in the least.

Renee Brehm

Dear parish family, please pray for our daughter Alex Brehm. She was this just diagnosed with Lyme disease, is now on a 28 day antibiotic, and we are praying for complete healing. Thank you and God bless.


Prayers for my friend’s daughter Stacey who found out that she has a very fast spreading breast cancer and only 2 months to live


Baby Sloane (3 months old) has been diagnosed as having Fragile X. The good news is that since she is a girl, Fragile X will have less of an effect on her development and future abilities than if she were a boy. Sloane’s grandmother is praying for a miracle and has asked us to join her in that prayer. She has also asked for prayers for Sloane’s parents as they love, care for, and support their daughter as she develops to her full potential.

Anita Schimmel

Please pray for my brother’s family. My brother lost his battle with COVID this week. He leaves behind so many family and friends who are grieving his passing. Please give us the strength to continue to live his legacy and to believe that there is a plan. Gone too soon!

Laura Downs

God, please help me financially. Praise You and Thank You for provision, and wisdom to know how to handle my finances. If I am doing anything that is not pleasing you, please show me where to change. I feel so alone and depressed right now. I have so much pain in my body and exhausted all the time. Pleas show my doctors what it is they are detecting in my blood work and please heal my spine! God, please touch Byron. I ask for healing in his body. Please SAVE HIM like you did me… HE NEEDS TO BE BORN AGAIN! Thank You God for Saving us. Please show me if I need surgery on my lower spine. Thank You God.


Please pray for Shannon and Mack and their 2 kids Hunter and Brooks, born with birth defects and needing surgeries. Prayers needed for the whole family. Thank you

Wendy Butcher

Prayers for my sister-in-law. She is in the intensive care unit with kidney and liver failure.. She has an autoimmune disease that is causing this and she has been given a 50% chance of survival. Prayers for my brother who is her caretaker.


Update on parishioner Tim S with brain tumor. He also has spots on lung and spine. He will start radiation soon. Keep prayers coming please!


Please pray for 92 year old Fran Morrison, a parishioner, whose health is deteriorating. She has been given several weeks to live. Pray for a peaceful transition.

Laurie Reinmann

Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please heal Tom completely of his heart attack.  Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please heal Lauren and Tom completely of all of their migraines and headaches.  Please my dearest JESUS, please always heal, bless, protect and preserve Kathryn and Lauren’s eyes, eyesight and vision.  Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please always heal, bless and protect Kathryn, Lauren, Tom, Josh and me with all of your Holy, Heavenly, Healing, Divine, Miraculous blessings forever and ever. .  Please my Sacred Heart of JESUS please bless Lauren with a successful and joyful transition to her new job.  Thank you my JESUS.  Please my Sacred Heart of JESUS please let Lauren love her new job and please let everyone at Lauren’s new job and Lauren’s new job love Lauren too.  Thank you my Sacred Heart of JESUS.


For granddaughter her first teaching job….for granddaughter to meet a devoted Catholic further husband…for grandson in his hockey career safely


Please pray for father Gus Esposito who is critically ill from Covid 19


Please pray for Tim who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.


Please pray for my Sister-IIn-Lsw
who needs a liver transplant. My Sister -In-Law is very well LOVED by her Daughter and my Brother! Her life matters to our Family,! Please pray that Jesus will heal her and give her love! Please pray that my Sister-In-Law’s Doctors will be guided in healing her with God’s love!

Joleen Jordan

Still need prayers for my nephew, Allan. He is 32 and has been in ICU since December 7th with covid and lung inflamation. He is on ventilator and ecmo machine and paralytics. Modern medicine is not doing the job. We need Jesus to heal Allan. By HIS stripes Allan will be healed! Appreciate prayers for Jesus miraculous healing for Allan!

David Ineis Carroll

Lord Jesus Christ.

Every morning I stop

And pray to the Lord

Jesus Christ every day

And he’s my Lord and my Savior in life

And he’s inside my heart day and night

And just listen to him beat

He’s smiling away beating

Inside my heart every day

And I love the Lord Jesus Christ

So much in life

And he’s forever inside my heart and

It’s where he’ll stay forever

Beating inside my heart every day.

Broken mother

Please pray for my son whose addiction to drugs and gambling are destroying his and my life another Christmas ruined he is 39 and this deamon has been in our lives 23 years i beg for a miracle


Please pray for continued healing in all areas for 3 people with very serious illness and their family. Things are extremely challenging here. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection, especially in diagnosis and treatment for one of them right now, and for a very strong awareness of His Presence, and that He is with them through this whole thing. Please pray for them to get the people and help that they need to heal, and for the family to work together in love. Please pray for them all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives. Please pray that God changes what was meant for bad for His glory. Thanks SO much. God, please Bless you.

Joleen Jordan

Update on prayers needed for my nephew, Allan. He has had a set back and is back on the ventilator, hooked up to ECMO machine to get oxygen in the blood, lungs are inflamed and must heal quickly in order for him to survive, still covid positive. Please pray for miraculous healing. He is 32 years old. Also, prayers for his parents. Thank you so much to everyone praying. Our God is a Merciful GOD,


We need prayers for Allan now!!! Things have made a turn for the worse. They may have to move him somewhere else and inject oxygen into his blood.
This message is from my brother for his son with covid. We appreciate all/any prayers for Allan’s complete healing and recovery in Jesus mighty name! Thank you and amen.


Please pray Jesus and Mary protect my family and heal my aunty if this be God’s Holy Will ,Thankyou All


Please pray for me as I have to undergo tests for cancer. Please let the tests come back negative for this.


Please pray for Aurelio as he works through a difficult issue.

Marge Gernert

Please pray for Banks 93 my sister in laws dad. He was just diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Pray for Susan that God give her strength and courage..She is an only child and both parents live with her in NC so we are not there to lend a hand.


Please pray for my mother who was recently diagnosed with preleukemia. She was to start treatment today, but was hospitalized on Friday. She currently is in the ICU with pneumonia and covid on a ventilator.

jane saunders

my mother had complications due to surgery – praying for a full and healthy recovery. thank you


Please pray for the healing of cancer and successful surgery on November 30th for Michael. May he be healed in body mind and spirit.


I need prayers for the funds to repair my roof and that god bless my mind with clarity and wisdom


I pray and praise the defeat of the enemy in my life, I thank Jesus Christ for saving me from the evil in life and being the strength and my saviour and new Life. I pray the holy spirit bring overflowing joyful life to my marriage between myself Benjamin and my beautiful wife Cynthia I pray God’s blessings in my relationship with my stepchildren, Nathaniel, Rishon and Justin. I pray and declare God’s healing love in every aspect of life.


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Answered Prayers

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