Fr. Noble will hear “stand-up” confessions each week starting Tuesday, May 5. Stand-up means you will be either standing six feet in front of Father or six feet behind him. He will be sitting; you will be standing. Stand-up also means your confession should be brief. This will not be a good time for spiritual counseling. Each penitent appointment is allotted 5 minutes.  Click here for a video from Fr. Noble which explains the process.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays:  1-2:30 pm

Thursdays:  4-5:30 pm

Saturdays:  1-2:30 pm

Confessions will be on an appointment-basis onlyPlease do not walk in for confession. The inside volunteer will have a list of those scheduled; if you are not on the list we cannot admit you. We are following this procedure to help maintain a healthy and safe environment.

To make an appointment, contact Jackie Sutton at 614/205-0346.  Jackie will maintain a confidential schedule for Confessions and will share it with the inside volunteer.  Fr. Noble will not know who is on the schedule for a particular day/time.

Confessions will be heard in the Faith & Family Center, Room C.  Once your appointment time is confirmed, please do the following:

Before you leave home, are you in good health? If you have a fever, please stay home; if you are not feeling well or coughing, please stay home. Father Noble will be wearing a mask to cover his mouth. You are asked to do the same. Please do not bring children with you unless they are also penitents; if they are to have their confession heard, they will need to follow the same procedure and cannot accompany you.

  1. Arrive in the north parking lot 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. We will be using the north door of the FFC.
  2. Remain in your car until a volunteer signals that it is time for the next penitent.
  3. Wait in the main room of the FFC (a small mat will identify the waiting place) until the confessional is free.  We will only allow one person in the waiting area of the FFC at a time; all others with appointments must wait in their car.
  4. Please exit the building as soon as your confession has been heard.

The building remains closed, so we will not allow people into the church or into the Cloister Walkway.

Thank you.