Liturgical Minister Formation

St. John Neumann offers twice-yearly formation training for those interested in becoming a Liturgical Minister or Altar Server.  Please visit this page or watch the weekly bulletin for Formation Training dates.

Altar Servers and Master of Ceremonies (MC’s)

The ministry of altar serving requires dedication, attentiveness to detail and the appropriate reverence for the sacred articles and solemnity of the liturgy.  Both adults and children (4th grade and up) are encouraged to participate.  Contact Steve Scheid.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

One of the many liturgical ministries at St. John Neumann is that of the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. These extraordinary ministers are just that – extra. They serve as lay ministers when there are not enough ordinary ministers (deacons, priests and bishops) to distribute Holy Communion. As a minister of Holy Communion you distribute at the Mass of your choice and/or minister to the homebound.  In order to be commissioned to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion you must be a fully initiated Catholic and be in good standing with the Church. This means you must have received the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation, and follow the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church. If you would like to serve your church and feel called to this ministry, please plan to attend a Formation Day training. Watch the bulletin for dates and times of the next Formation Day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rick or Kathie Bowman.


Greeters/ushers serve at the Masses by welcoming parishioners and visitors as they enter the church. They assist people in finding available seating prior to and at the beginning of Mass.  They also provide services during the liturgy such as offertory collection and procession, guiding the flow of the communion line, passing out bulletins at the end of Mass, and helping to tidy up the pews and restrooms after Mass.  Please contact Larry Tornes for more information.


Lectors serve at the weekend Masses by proclaiming the first and second readings from Sacred Scripture. They also welcome parishioners at the beginning of Mass and assist with the Prayers of the Faithful during the Mass.  Katie Tokarz is the contact.

Sacristans and Vessel Washers

Many people work behind the scenes to prepare for our weekend Masses. Among them are Sacristans and Vessel Washers. Sacristans set up the precious vessels and other items which will be used on the altar. Vessel Washers clean these vessels after Mass. Both serve for one or two months per year.  If either or both of these appeal to you as ways that you could serve the Lord, please contact Rosemary Halter.  You will be trained.