Liturgical Ministry Schedule for Greeters, Lectors, Ministers of Holy Communion, and Server Ministry Schedule

Thank you for volunteering your time to serve at the daily and weekend Masses.

Please be sure to check all the Mass schedules to see when you are serving.  If you cannot serve on your scheduled day, you must request a substitute through the MSP program o by sending an email to

If you do not want to be scheduled on a certain date, please have those requests sent to the office at by the 10th of the previous month.

If you would like to be taken off the schedule, please send an email to You can always be put back on the schedule at a later date.

Any questions can be directed to Anita Mondene at

Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in at the podium. This lets the Mass Coordinator know whether or not additional people are needed to serve. The podium is located just outside the Neumann Room.

If you are not scheduled, but are available to help out, please check in with the Mass Coordinator to see if you are needed. Many times additional people are needed to serve.

Each Mass has a coordinator to make sure that all the positions are filled. The Mass Coordinators for each Mass are as follows:

4:00 – Shelley Akers

9:00 – Sue Stalter

11:00 – Rick Bowman (even months);  Rosemary Halter (odd months)

5:00 – Volunteer Opportunity!  Please contact the Parish Office by email to if you would like to volunteer as a Mass Coordinator.