Marriage Enrichment

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Recommended Resources for Your Marriage:

Make use of the SJN Lending Library, which has a designated section (look for the orange stickers) for books on marriage and family life including resources to help those journeying through divorce.

Marriage Encounter Weekend – A Marriage Encounter allows each couple a rare opportunity to look at their marriage and their relationship with God, the Church and the world.  It provides an open, honest environment where couples can rediscover each other in a  heart to heart encounter with the one to whom they’ve committed.  Its unique approach is aimed at revitalizing Christian marriage that is not a retreat, marriage, or group therapy. Click here for upcoming date in Columbus.

Marriages – Families – Individuals sometimes need the healing touch of our faith:

Clinical Pastoral Counseling

All marriages can go through trials and often need help navigating difficult times. Often it is difficult to find a counselor who incorporates our Catholic and Christian faith into marriage counseling. St. John Neumann has licensed, professional Catholic family and marriage counselors who combine the human clinical touch and the faith pastoral touch to help individuals, couples and families experience healing and hope. See here for a list of counselors.


Retrouvaille presents us with the tools to heal and repair our damaged marriages. A weekend of learning together and six short follow up sessions gives hurting couples the opportunity to recapture the love, trust, joy and happiness they enjoyed in the beginning of their marriage. Click here for the Retrouvaille website for upcoming dates, times and locations. Contact Lynn Dwyer 419-563-4022 or Gary Dwyer 614-633-8419. Email address for information:



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