Good Samaritan Ministry

Mission Statement

To engage the parishioners of St. John Neumann parish to share the blessings of their faith and to provide funds for outreach and discipleship programs in order to serve the greatest number of individuals in the most effective way on a local, national and international basis.

The Good Samaritan Ministry was founded in October, 2015 for the following purposes:

  • Set guidelines for assistance to the poor and evangelization/spiritual growth activities.
  • Oversee the Good Samaritan Ministry Fund for outreach to the poor and evangelization/spiritual growth activities, including establishing criteria for evaluating requests for funding.
  • Coordinate funding across programs to avoid duplicative services and ensure the greatest number of people are served.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse of information about available programs and facilitate volunteer arrangements and monetary donations.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of fundraisers and material assistance drives.

The Good Samaritan Ministry desires to make funds available for a wide array of services in order to be responsive to the many needs that exist within our community.  Funding can be provided as direct assistance to individuals or to non-profit organizations.  Examples of the types of projects that can receive funding include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scholarships
  • One-time donations
  • Material assistance
  • Youth projects
  • Mission trips
  • Underwriting fundraisers
  • Retreat fees
  • Sponsorships

Funding requests are not restricted to individuals or agencies within the Sunbury area.  Funds can be distributed throughout the diocese, the state, the nation, or even internationally.  These funds are meant to be distributed to a variety of locations to meet a wide variety of needs.  The following recipients have been granted funds since inception:

  • Food Pantries
  • St. John Neumann Respect Life
  • Barriers, Band-Aids, and Bridges Poverty Summit
  • St. John Neumann Lending Library
  • Furniture Bank
  • 411 Foundation
  • San Lucas Mission
  • Mommies Matter
  • St. John Neumann St. Vincent de Paul
  • and many, many more

Requests for funding consideration should be submitted via the St. John Neumann Catholic Church Good Samaritan Ministry’s Request for Funding form. Completed forms should be returned to Susan Rizek, Secretary, Good Samaritan Ministry,  Requests will be reviewed by members of the Good Samaritan Ministry.